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Come With Me And You'll Be In A World Of Pure Imagination
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in luscious_fairy's LiveJournal:

Sunday, December 12th, 2004
8:45 pm
Saturday nights don't get much better than last night.  I love Dee and Jamie and Sarah...and Zak too.

Current Mood: cheerful
Wednesday, December 8th, 2004
5:17 pm

Well I thought I might update....

Call me: Lauren

Full name: Lauren Brittney Ray

Age: 14 (yeah yeah i'm still a youngin')

Birth Date: May 27th

Height: 5'5 ish

Hair Color: brownish/ blondish, and newly added red

Eye Color: brown

Where am I at?: In front of the computer

Fear/s: being alone


Peed in your pants?: only when Tia does it first!

Fallen off the bed?: depends how drunk i am

Fallen for a relative? only the ones in West Virginia.....(no)

Had plastic surgery?: no

Failed a grade?: no

Failed a whole year?: nope

Broke someone's heart?: I guess you could say that

Had your heart broken?: mhmm

Done something you regret?: i wouldn't say regret...

Cheated on a test? yesterday

Broken a body part?: yep


Wearing: Jeans, socks, drew's shoes and a white cami

Eating: nuffin

Feeling: warm

Reading: my computer screen

Located: in the loft

Chatting with: sarah, matt, vin

Watching: nothing

Craving: malibu

Should really: catch up on school work


Brush your teeth?: yes

Like anyone?: yeah...

Have any piercings?: yes

Have any Tattoos?: not for another few years

Drive?: ...cars no...jetskis and such yes

Love GOD?: pass


Who is your best?: Matia

Who is the loudest?: Jennifer

Who is the shyest?: hm.. Jason

Who is the hottest?: Dee...of course

Who laughs the most?: Jennifer

Who have you known the longest?: Matia

Do u belong to a crew?: a few infact...

Do u hang out with the opposite sex?: all the time

Do u consider yourself popular?: somewhat

Do u trust your friends?: a few of them

Are you a good friend?: mmhm


Hugged: I think Drew...but that was more of a tackle

Kissed: Ryan during paper mache fun

IMed: Liz

Talked to on the phone: Travis

Yelled at: there's a few

Checked out: psh...too many to remember

Fell in love with: ...pass

Tripped: saturday

Turned down: I guess you could say Travis....


What do you want to be when u grow up?: designer
What was the worst day of your life?: there's been alot, i don't know which one would be the worst

What has been the best day of your life?: not sure, there's a few that are up there though

What comes first in your life?: my friends

Do u have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush?: oh but of course

What do u usually think of before u go to bed?: how little sleep i'll get that night

Movie: Party Monster (right now at least)...what's better than Marilyn Manson in drag?!

Song: the tires one by phish ;)

Group: stretcharmstrong, shai hulud (I forgot their new name), gotta love sublime, phish when i'm stoned...way too many to list

Store: cheap ones.

Sport: I'm not really into sports

Ice cream flavor: mint choclate chip

Fruit: Strawberries

Candy: peanut-butter cups

Car: H1's

Magazine: Weekly World News of couse

Day of the week: Friday

Color: dark blue

Name for a girl: Makenna


Like to give hugs?: yes

Like to walk in the rain?: i'm more into laying in the rain...

Sleep with or without clothes?: depends

black/blue pens?: black

Dress up for Halloween?: yes

Have a job?: nope

Like to travel?: depending on where to

Sleep on your side?: yep, and stomach

Want to get married?: not sure if i could stay with one person for my life

Have a goldfish? they got flushed :(

Ever had the falling dream?: yes

Have stuffed animals?: a few

Go on vacation?: way too much


Abortion: i would say a name, but i can't say it on here

South Park: whore off

Summer: beach

Tattoos: Chris

Piercing: how bad i want a few more

Drinking: how i really want to

Girls: bitches. (depending on who)

Boys: hehe... do i really need to say it?

did i mention i stole this from dee? <3

Current Mood: bouncy
Monday, November 29th, 2004
6:15 pm

Well, I haven't been able to update for awhile, reason being I was in PA.

So thanksgiving day was horrible, full of fighting and almost everyone being to the point where they want to kill each other.  Then thanksgiving night, I went out with my sister and aunt to hang out with a whole bunch of our/their friends.  And I saw Wyatt!!!  That was the highlight of my trip...Christ I miss him living with us :(  But before we all went out, I was forced into going to see The Polar Express, Mike and I concluded the writers/ director was having a horrible trip when they came up with the idea and shot the movie.  Besides the kids screaming all in the theater, I had my cousin sitting there annoying the shit out of me.  Oh well.  So jump to around 1:30 that night when Chris and I went home.  She was determined that I was going to go to Wal- Mart with her a 4:30 in the morning.  So...I went...and we got a TV, which was not by any means worth standing inline for 3 hours and not sleeping that night.  There will not be anymore of this Black Friday Shopping shit for me....ever.

After managing to get some sleep on friday, I went out again Friday night and met some awesome people.  Then Saturday I got my hair dyed/ highlighted...it's mostly red now, and the girl cut out all my blonde :)  And then that night, the whole family went out to eat at Outback so Chris could wait on us, I don't think I've ever been closer to comitting sucide then I was at that fucking resturant, that's all I'm saying. 

I'll finish this later, and post pics of my hair

Current Mood: cranky
Monday, November 22nd, 2004
1:39 pm

first off....  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEATPOP!!! 

Well this weekend was rather boring except for Saturday night.  I went out with Ryan Jennifer and Marty.  This time we were suppose to see Finding Neverland, but I didn't get a ticket in time and that got messed up.  Instead we went to Taco-Bell and the bookstore.  And once again, I had more fun with them then I have with anyone else in awhile.  Sunday I was suppose to go to Jennifers pagent, but of course sence my grade dropped oh...20 points in World History, I couldn't go and had to sit home all day working on homework...what fun that was...  So I decided to stay home from school today, I really should be packing for PA but I guess that can wait untill tomorrow.  I'm so exicted to go up there and get away from all the god damn drama down here.  I finally get to see my sister, who I haven't seen in like 4 months, and it's killing me.  Well, i'm off to go watch some donnie darko :)

Current Mood: content
Sunday, November 14th, 2004
4:36 pm

Once again, I'm starting another journal.  I think I might auctually update this one and use it, unlike my old one (she_wasnt_gay ).  So Boobie moved back to Flordia...It hasn't even been a full day sence he left but I already miss him like crazy.  What really sucks is he doesn't think his dad is going to let him stay with him when he comes up to visit, which means he may not be comming up as much.  Well, this weekend was pretty uneventful.  Friday night- went out with Ryan Jennifer Drew and Jennifer's boyfriend (Marty?)...that turned out interesting.  I don't think the people at Ruby Tuesdays liked us too much, with the picture taking, spitting gum, playing the worm trick with straw wrappers, and being extremely loud.  Oh well.  So after dinner we went to Toys R Us and Jennifer read us a book while Ryan Drew and Me sat on the floor listening to her.  Once that got boring we went back to the movies and played in the rain, then sat in the car for a long time waiting for my mom. 

And of course I was stuck at home for the rest of the weekend for unknown reasons, and Sarah couldn't come over and spend the night, so like alawys I got really trashed by meself... 

Current Mood: cold
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